Benefits for Both Employees and Employers

Your employees are the heart of your business; keep their hearts, bodies and minds in top form by enrolling your company or organization in Soma Health Club's Corporate Membership program. Corporate membership enrollment allows your employees to access Soma's vital nutritional, wellness and fitness education, training and counseling. There is no better way to reward your employees for their hard work than by enrolling them in this important program that will go a long way toward helping them create and maintain a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Conveniently located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Soma Health Club is the premier fitness club serving area residents, small businesses and corporations.


To become a Soma Health Club Corporate Partner or for more information, fill out the form below and a Soma representative will get contact you as soon as possible.

Below are the programs and services offered within the Soma Health Club Corporate Membership Program:

One hour seminars are taught by Soma's certified industry professionals each of whom is trained in vital wellness disciplines, specifically:

• Weight Management
• Stress Management
• Postural Alignment
• Nutrition

Taught on-site at Soma Health Club or at your office, retail store or workshop, educational classes address such important subjects as:

• Yoga
• Pilates
• Meditation for stress reduction
• Agility
• Boot Camp
• Spinning

Soma Health Club's day or week-long classes offer Corporate Members pivotal counseling and guidance on such vital subjects as:

• Healthy Cooking
• Ergonomics
• Yoga and Meditation
• Pre and Post Natal Fitness
• Sports Specific Programs
• Cancer Awareness
• Vitamin and Supplement Education

On-Site Health Fairs
Our highly trained professionals will visit your company or organization to provide your employees with life changing information, resources and assessments that include the following:

• Knowing Your Body's True Age
• Personal Training tips
• Blood Pressure Tests
• Body Fat Analysis
• Flexibility Tests
• Gait Analysis